How To Fix Boot Device Not Found Error In HP Computers?


If your HP computer is also displaying a weird error note “Boot Device Not Found 3F0” on the screen, this blog can help you fix it. Yes, in this blog we are mentioning procedure to troubleshoot such errors so you can use your HP computer without any problem. Alternatively, it can also display error “Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC” which means the same as the other error and can be fixed using the same procedure. The reason for such errors to arrive is the inappropriate configuration of the Intel Optane memory. Now use the below steps to fix your HP Printer immediately:

  • Restart your HP notebook and press F2 repeatedly.
  • Once you enter HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI utility, click on Component Tests.
  • Select Hard Drive and then Quick Test.
  • Click on Drive C: option and then select Run Once.
  • Wait for the test to finish. If it passes all the tests, then proceed to the next step otherwise note down the failure ID and contact HP Repair Centre for further assistance.
  • Next, you need to verify that the legacy support under the Boot Option is DISABLED. To do so first of all, restart your computer.
  • Enter the BIOS configuration utility by repeatedly pressing the F10 button.
  • Select System Configuration and then click on Boot Options.
  • Click Legacy Support and check if it is already DISABLED then proceed to next step otherwise DISABLE it first, save the changes, exit and follow the next step.
  • Again restart your computer and enter the BIOS setup utility by hitting F10 button repeatedly.
  • Go to System configuration and select UEFI HII Configuration.
  • Select Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and check if the Intel Optane option is listed.
  • Now if you found the Intel Optane option listed, then you need to perform F11 recovery or simply restore the system with HP recovery media.

In case if the Intel Optane Option is not listed, it can be of malfunctioning memory and for that purpose, you need to take professional help. Contact HP Service Centre Near Me  Canada +1-855-253-4222 and get all your concern solved in a wink.

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