How to fix the nuisance in HP laptop Boot its system speed?

After years, a laptop starts occurring program and slow down your system performance. This problem is quite common as every computer and laptop create this problem over time. If you’re also going to the same phrase, continue reading this page to the end and fix that nuisance that makes your laptop sluggish. Generally, this problem appears when you run a heavy file on your device so first try to shut down that application and then restart your system. Editing software and gaming application are one of the problem creators that have might make your HP laptop sluggish.

To fix the nuisance in your HP laptop that troubling you to access your device straightaway

  • First, do an update and run your laptop’s antivirus scanner to eliminate the malicious activities taking place on your device.
  • Tap on the start button, hover the cursor to the search box and enter “msconfig” and then hit the enter key. This will launch the system configuration in your system. Go to the startup tab and remove the check in the box next to every item that is selected. Then, reboot your laptop, only the selected program will startup.
  • Next, navigate to the start button, enter add or remove programs and hit the enter key to open the Add or Remove program screen. Select unnecessary programs and tap on uninstall to free up space on your laptop’s hard drive.
  • Launch disk cleanup on your laptop and access its disk cleanup utility. Mark the checkbox next to every item you don’t want in your laptop’s hard drive and then press OK.
  • Then, open disk defragmenter in your laptop and when it launched tap on your device’s hard drive and select Defragment disk to consolidate files, which aids you to speed up your system hard drive time response.
  • Additionally, you can add more RAM to your device. This will make your laptop to run swiftly and provide overall memory that allows your laptop to do multiple programs.

If still the problem persisting in your device, do call us on our helpline number or reach us through email support. Our experts are available at your service all the days to provide you optimum and unbeatable technical support. You can directly connect us on HP Repair Centre Canada +1-855-253-4222 or drop a message on live chat support for instant solution.

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