How to rectify wireless network issue on HP laptop

While working on a project if suddenly you lose a wireless network and no internet connection window appears. In this situation, check your internet connection, in your Hp laptop and if you see any yellow triangle bar on the connection icon click over it and fix the error. Most of the time this issue caused by the internet connection but there is a chance that this issue can cause by hardware problems. Also, ensure the connections are full. You can also go for the technical advice, dial HP Repair service number and fix the problem from entirely.

Before you avail our service, you can also try at your level to fix the HP laptop wireless network issue

  • Make sure the wire is connected to the DSL modem and the lights are on.
  • Check whether the wireless router is completely connected to the power adapter & modem. Also, check the lights are on.
  • Ensure your laptop is updated and there is no hardware performance issue.
  • Run a diagnostic tool to fix the problem; your system is system analyzed then diagnostic results and possible troubleshoots are shown.
  • Now it’s time to check the wireless network adapter. Make sure it is turned on. If it is disabled then you see on or off button. Click on the button to turn on the
  • wireless adapter. Update your adapter software and drivers and then locate the updated ones visit the adapter’s manufacturer’s website.
  • Apart from this, test your wireless router or access point. Make sure your LAN, DSL WLAN is connected.
  • Configure the wireless connection and re-enter the WEP or WPA keys.

If still, you left with the same issue, contact us on our helpline number and resolved your issues with the guidance of our diligent experts available on HP Laptop Repair Centre Canada +1-855-253-4222. Moreover, you can connect us through live chat or email service. On live chat, you will get an instant chat facility, where you can resolve your problem with our quick response team. You can share the error image and help our experts to ensure you the exact solution for the snag. We are glad to assist you in your bad times.

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