How to fix Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration Problem on Windows 10?

Most of the area doesn’t have a good connective of Internet network. In that area Wi-Fi signals don’t work properly. To run the internet, changing IP address can help you and make you able to run the internet. An Internet connection error can be frustrating and make you feel like you are sick. If you’re using Windows 10 operating system and receiving a Wi-Fi error try to enter valid IP configuration. Generally, the IP configuration can occur even if you are using an Ethernet connection on your computer. Fortunately, you can fix that issue effortlessly by follow the below steps or simply contact our technical support assistant team on Hp Repair Canada.

Release and renew your IP Address

  • Open Command prompt; enter “command prompt” in the search bar and select the current option from the result and then right-click on it to select Run as administrator.
  • Then, click on command prompt and enter “ipconfig /release and then hit the enter key.
  • Now, you have finished entering the commands enter exit and then hit enter key. This process will restart your system and help you to resolve the problem.

Uninstall Wireless Adapter Driver

  • If you have received the Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error due to a faulty network driver. You can fix the problem by trying to uninstall the wireless
  • adapter driver and then let your operating system will reinstall it automatically.
  • To uninstall your network adapter, navigate to the Device Manager. Enter device manager in the search box and tap on Device manger result.
  • In the Device Manager window, look for Network adapters, expand it and right-click on your wireless device. After this, select Uninstall device from the fly-out menu.
  • If you’ll be asked to confirm the un-installation process, click on Ok and mark the delete the driver software for this device checkbox if you see this option.

Perform clean boot

  • You can also try to fix this problem by performing a clean boot on your computer. This will help you to rectify the software conflicts that occur when you install a program or an update.
  • To being the booting process, enter system configuration in the search box. Otherwise, you can enter run in the search box and enter “mschonfig” and tap on ok.
  • When system configuration is opened chooses selective startup so you can make changes and unmark load startup items.
  • Now, go to the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox. These will temporarily hide your application and services.
  • Then click on disable all options and tap on the startup tab at the top and select Open Task Manager.
  • After this, click on Ok and disable button to end the process successfully.

If still, you have that same problem persisting on your device, you can go for the expert’s advice and fix the nuisance. HP Service Center Near Me +1-855-253-4222 is the only solution for every technical glitch on your HP laptop. Techies at the center will ensure you genuine advice so you get your issue resolved in the shortest time.

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How to fix the nuisance in HP laptop Boot its system speed?

After years, a laptop starts occurring program and slow down your system performance. This problem is quite common as every computer and laptop create this problem over time. If you’re also going to the same phrase, continue reading this page to the end and fix that nuisance that makes your laptop sluggish. Generally, this problem appears when you run a heavy file on your device so first try to shut down that application and then restart your system. Editing software and gaming application are one of the problem creators that have might make your HP laptop sluggish.

To fix the nuisance in your HP laptop that troubling you to access your device straightaway

  • First, do an update and run your laptop’s antivirus scanner to eliminate the malicious activities taking place on your device.
  • Tap on the start button, hover the cursor to the search box and enter “msconfig” and then hit the enter key. This will launch the system configuration in your system. Go to the startup tab and remove the check in the box next to every item that is selected. Then, reboot your laptop, only the selected program will startup.
  • Next, navigate to the start button, enter add or remove programs and hit the enter key to open the Add or Remove program screen. Select unnecessary programs and tap on uninstall to free up space on your laptop’s hard drive.
  • Launch disk cleanup on your laptop and access its disk cleanup utility. Mark the checkbox next to every item you don’t want in your laptop’s hard drive and then press OK.
  • Then, open disk defragmenter in your laptop and when it launched tap on your device’s hard drive and select Defragment disk to consolidate files, which aids you to speed up your system hard drive time response.
  • Additionally, you can add more RAM to your device. This will make your laptop to run swiftly and provide overall memory that allows your laptop to do multiple programs.

If still the problem persisting in your device, do call us on our helpline number or reach us through email support. Our experts are available at your service all the days to provide you optimum and unbeatable technical support. You can directly connect us on HP Repair Centre Canada +1-855-253-4222 or drop a message on live chat support for instant solution.

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The procedure to enter into BIOS on HP laptop windows 10

The HP laptops are the most trustable and reliable laptops that give the ultimate experience to the end-users. In terms of its computers and laptops, they have separate fan-based popularity around the globe. HP improved and add new features to their laptops so they can target more and more audience. The latest HP laptops come with Windows 10 installed; which gives you more options to configure directly within the operating system, but on every laptop or desktop, there are a few settings which you can only alter in the BIOS.Basically, the BIOS is the software that is in-built in your computer’s motherboard and controls every activity. Sometimes, BIOS is a pre-boot environment, you can’t access it directly from within windows. On some older computers or those deliberately set to boot slowly, you can press a function key such as F1 or F2 while your system is turning on and this will lead you to enter the BIOS.

Follow the steps below to enter the BIOS on Windows 10

  • Press the start menu button and navigate to the settings.
  • On the settings page select Update & security and then tap on Recovery on the left column.
  • In the Advanced startup click on Restart Now; this will reboot your system to a special menu.
  • Then, click on Troubleshoot and select Advanced option on the next page.
  • In the Advanced options, page hovers the cursor to URFI Firmware Settings and click on it.
  • When your HP laptop begins to restarting and you see HP logo press F1 or F2 key to enter the BIOS menu.
  • On the next page, click on the blue Restart button at the right corner and you’re done.

If in case, you encounter any issue with your HP laptop or unable to diagnose the problem. We have an affable team who are always ready to fix the problem. You can reach us at HP Laptop Repair Near Me +1-855-253-4222Canada and resolve you all uncertain issues in the shortest period. The technical team is experienced and adepts, thus users get real-time solution for their issues. We understand your concern, therefore, our sole motive is to provide the optimum solution to every minor issue so, the user doesn’t face the problem anymore. We have a quick response team who separately work on the chat support so that people get instant response meanwhile.

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How to rectify wireless network issue on HP laptop

While working on a project if suddenly you lose a wireless network and no internet connection window appears. In this situation, check your internet connection, in your Hp laptop and if you see any yellow triangle bar on the connection icon click over it and fix the error. Most of the time this issue caused by the internet connection but there is a chance that this issue can cause by hardware problems. Also, ensure the connections are full. You can also go for the technical advice, dial HP Repair service number and fix the problem from entirely.

Before you avail our service, you can also try at your level to fix the HP laptop wireless network issue

  • Make sure the wire is connected to the DSL modem and the lights are on.
  • Check whether the wireless router is completely connected to the power adapter & modem. Also, check the lights are on.
  • Ensure your laptop is updated and there is no hardware performance issue.
  • Run a diagnostic tool to fix the problem; your system is system analyzed then diagnostic results and possible troubleshoots are shown.
  • Now it’s time to check the wireless network adapter. Make sure it is turned on. If it is disabled then you see on or off button. Click on the button to turn on the
  • wireless adapter. Update your adapter software and drivers and then locate the updated ones visit the adapter’s manufacturer’s website.
  • Apart from this, test your wireless router or access point. Make sure your LAN, DSL WLAN is connected.
  • Configure the wireless connection and re-enter the WEP or WPA keys.

If still, you left with the same issue, contact us on our helpline number and resolved your issues with the guidance of our diligent experts available on HP Laptop Repair Centre Canada +1-855-253-4222. Moreover, you can connect us through live chat or email service. On live chat, you will get an instant chat facility, where you can resolve your problem with our quick response team. You can share the error image and help our experts to ensure you the exact solution for the snag. We are glad to assist you in your bad times.

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How To Fix Boot Device Not Found Error In HP Computers?


If your HP computer is also displaying a weird error note “Boot Device Not Found 3F0” on the screen, this blog can help you fix it. Yes, in this blog we are mentioning procedure to troubleshoot such errors so you can use your HP computer without any problem. Alternatively, it can also display error “Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC” which means the same as the other error and can be fixed using the same procedure. The reason for such errors to arrive is the inappropriate configuration of the Intel Optane memory. Now use the below steps to fix your HP Printer immediately:

  • Restart your HP notebook and press F2 repeatedly.
  • Once you enter HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI utility, click on Component Tests.
  • Select Hard Drive and then Quick Test.
  • Click on Drive C: option and then select Run Once.
  • Wait for the test to finish. If it passes all the tests, then proceed to the next step otherwise note down the failure ID and contact HP Repair Centre for further assistance.
  • Next, you need to verify that the legacy support under the Boot Option is DISABLED. To do so first of all, restart your computer.
  • Enter the BIOS configuration utility by repeatedly pressing the F10 button.
  • Select System Configuration and then click on Boot Options.
  • Click Legacy Support and check if it is already DISABLED then proceed to next step otherwise DISABLE it first, save the changes, exit and follow the next step.
  • Again restart your computer and enter the BIOS setup utility by hitting F10 button repeatedly.
  • Go to System configuration and select UEFI HII Configuration.
  • Select Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and check if the Intel Optane option is listed.
  • Now if you found the Intel Optane option listed, then you need to perform F11 recovery or simply restore the system with HP recovery media.

In case if the Intel Optane Option is not listed, it can be of malfunctioning memory and for that purpose, you need to take professional help. Contact HP Service Centre Near Me  Canada +1-855-253-4222 and get all your concern solved in a wink.

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How to update drivers and software with Windows Update in HP laptop?

If you own an HP laptop and want to update the software, you can continue reading and get the solution mentioned in this blog. Here you will get the proper solution that helps you to update your software without any glitch. Check whether you have the Windows Update tool to determine which software or application needs an update. To continue browsing your HP laptop without encountering any error you have to make your laptop up-to-date. You can use the windows Update tool to update the software from its authentic manufacture’s.

Before you start the process you have to make sure some of the basic things that enable you to update the product.

  • Connect with a strong internet connection.
  • Check online the system requirements and make your laptop appropriate according to product requirements.

To update the in Windows 10:

  • First of all, tap on the start button and search windows update settings.
  • Then select window update on the given results and then tap on Check for updates button.
  • If there is an update available, the updating process will start automatically.
  • After your updates install, restart your device.

Windows 8 and 7:

  • Go to the start menu look for Windows Update.
  • Tap on Check for Updates button and then click on Update to install button.
  • Once you update your device if a restart window will appear to click on it to restart your laptop.

If you use prior Windows 7 version you can contact the technicians and get the proper assistance from the diligent and quintessential team of experts. You can reach us any day of a week; we are available all 365 days a year. In case, you have an issue in the above steps, you can reach us at HP Laptop Service Centre Canada +1-855-253-4222 and get the top-class service from our experts. The staff we hired is well-educated and skilled hence you get the professional support to eliminate the error.

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Resolve the CSRSS.exe error message in HP notebook


General errors can be easily resolved by the person themselves but few errors are strenuous, that only be rectified by the experts. First run a troubleshooter to see whether you can fix that error at your level, otherwise go for the expert’s assistance. There are many error codes that can appear on your laptop, if you are also one of them who are perturbed by the CSRSS.exe code, keep reading this document and get the solution to fix the error code.

The CSRSS.exe is a Microsoft client-server runtime which is used to manage graphics. This .exe file does all the jobs to control your laptop such as scheduling, creating and deleting threads as per the needs. It starts automatically whenever the windows boot.

To remove the error from your HP laptop you’re required to follow the below mentioned steps

  • Turn on your Hewlett Packard laptop and press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete key simultaneously to open the Windows Task Manager.
  • Or you simply search the Task Manager in the start menu search box and select it from the result.
  • Press the Processes tab and to sort processes by name click Image Name.
  • Select the csrss.exe and then click on the end process button at the bottom of the window.
  • Windows will inform you that csrss.exe is a critical system process and task manager cannot end this process.
  • Then click OK.

Hoping this solution helps you to get rid of the CRSS.exe file, if not then contact the technicians on HP Authorized Service Centre Canada +1-855-253-4222. Here our technicians will provide you a best fitted solution to fix the assortment of errors pertaining in your HP laptop. Do not hesitate to contact the technicians as we are here to provide you best deal to remove the snag in your device. The techies we hired are well skilled in their subjected area, which won’t let you troubled.

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